The Butterfly and the Whale

Hi there

The Butterfly and the Whale – is my solo project. Meaning: from the ideas in my head to the albums it’s mostly me, myself and I writing, singing, playing, recording, mixing and mastering the songs.

I’ve had and have the privilege and pleasure of working in the music industry as a composer for film and television for many years, but there were too many songs and stories that knocked on my door, but ended on the shelf.  Sometimes as note in a book, sometimes as a demo on my phone.

After years (in some cases decades) I finally decided to take the time to record them and release them. 

So far resulting in three albums:

The Butterfly and the Whale

Let Her Fly, Let Her Dream

 Reaching For The Star 

So now there are 22 little musical journeys to make, stories to hear. I loved to make them and I hope you will love to listen to them.

Since the 22 songs are just like 22 grains of sand, laying on a digital beach( that’s expanding day by day), it’s a miracle you found me.

 It would mean al lot to me if you could help expanding this beautiful miracle by sharing my songs, save them in your library or by putting them in a Playlist, so Spotify’s algorithm becomes my rhythm too.

This website is as close I get to social media, but feel free to share whatever you please

Thank you so much!


All the best David van der Heijden